Kept Photography’s Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

Writing your own wedding vows can feel like a difficult task, but if you approach it in the right way, we’re confident that you will not only get a great result you can feel proud of but also love writing them too.


Take Your Time.

First and foremost, make sure you allow plenty of time. For some people this will come as naturally as walking down the street, but the less silver tongued might choose to take their time. This should be something that you enjoy – so don’t leave it until a point that you feel pressured. Gents, this is something you can’t leave until the night before!


Set Your Goals.

It’s a good idea to talk things through with your fiancée to help you both feel more comfortable and so that you can agree a tone or format. But don’t give the game away if you’re hoping to keep your vows a secret until your wedding day. Will you borrow any of the same promises made in traditional wedding vows? Will you make romantic, heartfelt promises or go for a more light-hearted tone? You might even decide to share your vows with each other before your wedding day. There is no right or wrong way to do this, the most important thing is to make choices that make you both happy.



Old photographs, keepsakes, letters and notes are great ways to remind you of the wonderful times you have spent together. Surround yourself with these when you start writing. One memory could lead you to another, and another. Then before you know it you’ll have so much to write it’ll be difficult to choose your favourites!


Make A List.

When you first start working on your vows, don’t worry about writing something you can use on the first attempt. Just note down whatever comes to mind. You can use these as prompts when it comes to writing your vows for real.

If you get stuck, get back to basics by asking yourself some basic questions about your fiancée and your relationship:

  • Why are you getting married?

  • What were your thoughts when you first met?

  • When did you know you were in love?

  • What have they given you that you’ve never had before?

  • Have they changed the way you see things in life?

  • When you’re apart, what do you miss about them the most?

  • How have you supported one another during difficult times?

  • What makes your relationship work as well as it does?


Find Inspiration.

We’ve already mentioned how helpful it is to surround yourself with the memories your relationship has given you through photographs and letter. But it’s also a good idea to draw inspiration from the work of others. Consider the work of your favourite poets, musicians and filmmakers. Consider what messages they send that resonate with you and use them to spark your own creativity. It’s okay to quote, but if possible, do this in your own unique context.

Remember that there’s a very big difference, and a very fine line between a light-hearted joke, and public embarrassment. It’s good to get a chuckle from your guests but be nice!

Finally, read and re-read what you have written to make sure you’re happy. Get a friend to read it too just in case.

Above all, remember to enjoy this and why you have decided to do it.


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