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5 Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

If you do it right, planning your wedding can be a hugely enjoyable experience. This is the way it should be. That said, it can be a difficult task. Save yourself a few headaches by reading our top 5 wedding planning traps to avoid.


Mistake 1: Making purchases before deciding your budget.

Before getting stuck into your wedding planning, it’s crucial that you agree an achievable budget. This might not feel like the most romantic thing to do, but it’s so important that you do this before falling in love with a dress that costs as much as you can afford all in! This will save you so much stress later on. Planning your wedding is exciting and a time to savour, and setting your budget as soon as possible will help you do this.


Mistake 2: Relying on good weather.

How often does the weatherman promise clear skies, only for it to then actually chuck it down instead? By the same token, marrying in the summer months does not guarantee you a bright and sunny day. You need to think about rainy day plan. This is obviously particularly relevant if your plans feature an outside space, but even if your ceremony and reception are indoors there may still be some aspects of your day that require your consideration.


Mistake 3: Expecting some guests to RSVP “No.” .

It’s a sad fact, but if past event planning has taught you that it’s unlikely that everyone will be able to make it on the day – that said, they might! Picture it, you’ve invited 60 people to a ceremony which can only fit 50, and they’ve all accepted! You now find yourself with the unceremonious task of dumping 10 people from your day. Don’t do it to yourself, always stick to the capacity the your venues to tell you to avoid difficult and embarrassing conversations.